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Saturday 23 March 2024

Crystal Sea Cuts Fuel Costs and Emissions with EcoPro!

Concerned about your engine's emissions and fuel efficiency?

The EcoPro system is here to revolutionise your experience. This award-winning technology, recognised as Product of the Year at the 2022 Fishing News Awards, offers a smarter and cleaner approach to engine performance. By harnessing the power of hydrogen enrichment, EcoPro not only tackles harmful pollutants but also improves fuel economy and potentially enhances engine health.

EcoPro can breathe new life into your engine and navigate towards a more sustainable future.

The EcoPro system tackles emissions head-on, significantly reducing harmful pollutants like diesel particulates (soot!), NOx, CO, and CO2. This remarkable feat is achieved through a smarter combustion process that minimises unburnt fuel, leaving your engine running cleaner and minimising environmental impact.

Saving Money from the fuel pump:

EcoPro doesn't just benefit the environment; it benefits your wallet too. By promoting more complete combustion, the system leads to increased miles per gallon (mpg). This translates to lower fuel consumption, reducing your running costs and shrinking your carbon footprint.

Simple Installation, Minimal Maintenance:

The EcoPro system integrates seamlessly with your existing engine, requiring no invasive modifications. Its compact design ensures a hassle-free installation, and thanks to its low-maintenance nature, you can focus on what matters most – running your operation. On-demand hydrogen production eliminates the need for bulky fuel tanks, further simplifying the system.

Remote Monitoring and Optimisation:
EcoPro stays connected, featuring the Eco-i computer. This intelligent system ensures optimal hydrogen production based on your engine's specific demands. Real-time data allows Ecomotus to remotely monitor and fine-tune your system for peak performance. Additionally, you can access your personalised Carbon Footprint savings certificate, quantifying the positive environmental impact.

Potential Engine Health Benefits:
Independent inspections suggest that the EcoPro system may contribute to a cleaner and healthier engine by reducing carbon buildup. This not only translates to potentially improved performance and lifespan but also reduces maintenance needs in the long run.

Scalable for Any Engine Size:

The EcoPro system boasts a modular design, allowing for customization based on your engine size. Whether you have a small engine or a powerful workhorse, EcoPro can be tailored to your specific needs. Multiple banks of electrolyzers can be individually controlled and monitored, ensuring optimal performance for any application.

The EcoPro Advantage:

In summary, the EcoPro system delivers a comprehensive solution for cleaner engines, improved fuel efficiency, and potentially better engine health. This all comes with a simple installation process and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a compelling choice for a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.

Remotely monitored and calibrated.

The company has now launched the Eco-i, a platform that gives vessel owners detailed new insights into the performance of their engines, remotely monitored from their phones. The new platform also offers a mechanism to monitor fuel consumption in real time, generate carbon footprint certificates and obtain detail on the amount of hydrogen used to optimise fuel burn and performance.

The data can be easily downloaded and shared with buyers, many of whom are beginning to ask questions about emissions and fuel use as part of their corporate social responsibility policies.

Adrian Bartlett from Ecomotus says: “We’re really pleased with the new product, and equally pleased to be nominated for another Fishing News Award. This additional software application builds on the success of the EcoPro itself."

Adrian Bartlett from Ecomotus checking the settings.

It comes in response to a number of queries from skippers who wanted more detailed information about their engine performance, but also wanted to share their carbon data with customers, and be able to demonstrate the steps they are taking to minimise the impacts of their fishing activities.

Zero carbon is a way off for many vessels in the fleet. As we wait for this to phase in, we are pleased to be helping the transition, and reducing the footprints of conventional vessels in the meantime.

Grant Funding:

Under the MMO's Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS) fishing vessel owners can take advantage of industry grant aid to support the reduction in energy consumption. The application process can be started online by accessing this link. Alternatively, people like Chris Ranford, fishing animateur can be contacted to provide support and guidance. Whichever route is taken the savings that can be made are considerable and well worth the initial effort in securing advice and finding.

Real-life example from the Newlyn based Crystal Sea, the port's biggest trawler.

Crystal Sea skippers, David and Alec Stevens had an EcoPro custom installation aboard their vessel, Crystal Sea fitted over a year ago.

Crystal Sea Saves Fuel and the Environment with EcoPro!

Skippers David and Alec Stevens of the fishing vessel Crystal Sea are raving about their experience with the EcoPro fuel saving system. They've seen a significant reduction in fuel costs and emissions since installing the system over a year ago.

Slashing Fuel Costs

"EcoPro has cut our fuel usage by 10%," says skipper David. "That's a massive saving of 40,000 litres per year on our 400,000 litre consumption. At 70 pence per litre, that translates to a whopping £28,000 saved annually!"

Fast Payback and Low Maintenance

The EcoPro system might seem like a big investment upfront, but with a 50% grant, the Stevens brothers only paid £11,000. "At this rate," David explains, "we recovered our investment in just six months!"

Even better, the system's running costs are minimal. "We're talking about just £5 per month for distilled water," David says.

Environmental Benefits

EcoPro isn't just about saving money. It's also kind to the environment. The system reduces emissions to near-negligible levels, comparable to a catalytic converter. However, unlike a converter, EcoPro doesn't require extra horsepower, which means no increase in fuel usage.

Win-Win for Everyone

"EcoPro is a win-win all around," David concludes. "The boat saves on fuel, the crew benefits from potentially higher wages thanks to the share-based system, we use cleaner oil which extends change intervals, and the planet breathes a little easier with reduced emissions."

Posted by Larry Hartwell - Through the Gaps at Saturday, March 23, 2024