Crystal Sea

Crystal Sea Fishing - Newlyn

We fitted the Eco Pro in December of 2022 . We had a 50% grant from the FASS funding scheme also. The fit went really well, great communication between the ecomotus team and ourselves. The installation only took a day, once we had everything in place. The device is small and compact, so can fit anywhere and on any sized vessels. All we have to do is keep the water reservoir topped up with de ionised water, which we do once a week. It just does its thing, ecomotus monitors it remotely and can provide feedback whenever you ask. The advantages we have seen after 9 months of use are, far cleaner exhaust emissions, the lubrication oil is far cleaner, and the big win is we see a 6 to 8% fuel saving. To us that is 100 ltr of fuel save per day, with the fuel price at around 70p per litre thats £70 a day £500 a week long trip. I'd say after 6 months you'd see your money back. We are saving, our crew are better off, and most importantly so is the environment. David and Alec Stevens mfv crystal sea SS118

The means that the Crystal Sea has reduced her CO2 footprint by around 1848kg every week or 66,000kkg a year (66 tons)