South Hams Lower Dart Ferry

South Hams District Council

South Hams Lower Dart Vehicle Ferry

The Tom Avis and the Hauley IV were both fitted with EcoPro systems in the summer of 2023 to help to tackle the black smoke coming out of their exhausts and to reduce the pollution for Dartmouth and Kingswear.

As soon as the systems were commissioned they reported that they could no longer see black smoke from the engine exhausts. Later in the Autumn when some on-board electrical maintenace work was being carried out, they asked the electrical engineer to have a look whilst he was on the roof to see if there were any signs of black soot - he reported back that he couldn't see any.

The crew say they are very happy that the EcoPro is helping their engines to burn the fuel more efficiently and reducing their exhasut pollution for the River Dart.

"it is visible from the oil that the engines are running cleaner, and the exhaust is running clear."